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Smart Home Automation

The 360° solution for your smart home

We believe in the power of smart technology.

Cube Automation aims to bring technology closer to your homes. Our goal is to provide a fully automated experience to home and business owners by providing world-class Smart solutions. We work closely with our global partners to deliver automation systems that are tailored to the client’s present requirements, while at the same time considering its scalability for the future.

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Cube automation

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Smart home Automation

Smart Home

Forget about manually taking care of the house. Smart Homes can handle most of your household management chores and this saves you and your family up to 50,000 tasks a year, giving you a considerable amount of time to relax and enjoy life

building automation


Complicate and extend our Smart services, and you will get the perfect system for your business needs. Improve your building’s safety, comfort, energy-efficiency, and more by adapting our all-around automation solutions.

cube automation

Custom- Application

Cube automation offer flexibility for buildings that require reliable automation for their specific processes. Our server is designed to automate processes and intelligently optimize efficiency in every establishment.



Imagine the very best in comfort, security, design and energy efficiency for tomorrowʼs smart home, today. All the functions that can be controlled such as blinds, lighting, heating, air-conditioning or door communication are designed to make your life simpler and smarter.

Intercom System

The Intercom systems industry has proven to be a must have for home security in recent times. this technique helps homeowners improve home security and stop intruders or unwanted salesmen from gaining access to their homes.

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CCTV Cameras

Today, for everyone security is one among the main concerns. With the escalating rate , people take various preventive measures to guard the property and valuable possession from any quite uncertainty. Cube automation offers a comprehensive range of advanced security and surveillance solutions to satisfy the ever-changing requirements of various industries.

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Smart Lighting

Transform your home, appartment building and Office with Cube Automation for lighting automation. Modern smart home lighting can now be achieved for a couple of hundred pounds for one room, controlled from anywhere within the world and adjusted in order that different light temperatures are allowing different smart lighting settings for various times of the day.

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Alarm Security System

SECURE YOUR HOME AND OFFICE FROM ANYWHERE. On your thanks to work and forgot to arm your security system? because of Cube Automation, you'll control any a part of your system and check abreast of your home right from your smartphone, computer, or tablet.

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Blind Controls

Create a very automated home, office or building with the addition automated blinds control. Advanced control of blinds also can be wont to naturally regulate temperature within the home, if lighting levels are high and therefore the temperature is rising in rooms on one side of the house we will programme the system to shut the blinds alittle amount to manage the temperature. Conversly the more intense the daylight the more the blinds can close.

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Audio Controls

Designed with the experts installer in mind, the flexible, scalable whole home audio solutions from Cube Automation, put endless music options within your hands. Offering easy installation, seamless integration, and access to today’s hottest streaming services,

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