The Perfect Climate at The Comfort of Your Home

What else can be better than having the perfect climate within the corners of your home? Well, how about having your HVAC control system fully automated?

Why go outdoor if you can create the perfect environment indoor? Cube Automation's climate control system handles temperature and air quality management without causing you any hassle. Enjoy your day's comfort and your night's good sleep right inside your smart home.


Independent Room Temperature

Our smart home's HVAC control system allows you to have different temperatures for each room. You simply set your desired temperature for each part of your house and let your automated do the work for you.

The climate system relies on your predefined temperature preferences. If you wish to change the temperature level at any given time, you can do so by accessing your Smart Home Application.

Smart Climate Control for All Your Heating and Cooling Requirements

Scheduled Heating

When at home, your climate system intelligently calculates the best way to heat your home. When you are away, it keeps your home at a lower temperature to save effort and energy.

Energy Efficiency

Your HVAC control works in coordination with your blinds to save energy. During the daytime, your blinds allow sunlight in, which helps heat up the rooms naturally. During overheating, the sun is blocked to control the heat inside the rooms. These coordinated functions help you save around 20% of your energy costs.

Energy Saving Mode

Whenever you are not around, your HVAC control reduces its heating and cooling activities up to the minimum. This energy-saving mode is beneficial, especially if you are going to be away for a while. If something suddenly comes up, you can still make changes and adjustments through your Smart Home Application.

Monitor Performance

Using your smartphone or tablet, monitor and check your smart home's temperature performance. View your temperature-related statistics to identify additional measures to save energy and costs.

Schedule Ahead of Time

Inform your smart home of any planned holiday vacation so that it can save the most amount of energy while you are away.

Maintenance Updates

The Smart Home Application that records your home's statistics keeps your data so that it can notify you when maintenance is already needed. This saves you from unnecessary expenses due to frequent maintenance and from damages and poor performance due to limited maintenance activities.

Temperature Protection

The system detects when the room temperature exceeds its safe limits. In cases like this, the smart home system makes automatic adjustments to prevent bigger problems from occurring.

Alerts and Notifications

If the situation pushed to worst, the smart home system would automatically send you alerts and notifications so that you can take the necessary measures immediately.

Remote Temperature Control

While the climate control system is designed to work at full automation, you can still adjust if ever you wish to. Using your smartphone or tablet, set the desired temperature if you are going out for a while, or if you just suddenly feel chilly.

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