Upgrade Your Privacy and Comfort with Intelligent Blind and Shading Control

With Cube Automation, you can automate your blinds to synchronize with the rising and setting of the sun. This gives you the benefit of natural lighting and heating inside your home or office. Your binds can also be programmed to lower at sundown to protect your personal space and privacy.

With a smart blind at your home, expect your well-deserved comfort and privacy.

Smart Blind Features

Our smart blinds offer:

  • "wake-up notice" early in the morning,
  • passive heating at mid-morning
  • necessary adjustments for the noon temperature
  • storm protection for unfavorable weather conditions, and
  • nighttime privacy for your evening activities

Appreciating Smart Blinds Functions and Features

Cube Automation can provide you with smart blinds that feature more than just your shading protection.

Savings and Comfort

Smart blinds minimize your need for room temperature control. It lets the sun in when your room needs some heating, and block sun rays when your room is already overheating. Basically, this contributes to your smart home system's energy efficiency.

Nighttime Privacy

Your smart blinds go down with the sun. Once the sun sets, your blinds keep spectators away by securing your privacy inside your home. Besides, your evening routine is supposed to be freely enjoyed after completing a long day, right?

Storm Protection

Your smart blinds can also act as an external shield for your house. Your smart screens retract and protect your home from potential damages during storm and typhoons. A central weather station communicates weather updates to your smart home system, informing your smart blinds whenever you'd need an extra protective shield.

Personalized Smart Blinds

Cube Automation allows you to personalize your smart blinds experience. Choose which windows to cover and which ones to keep open for the view. You can also group your blinds for unified automation.

Child Friendly

Keep your shading control safe from toddlers and children by locking the shading buttons. You can still manage your blinds, though. Just use your Smart Home Application, and there, your smart blinds are now child-friendly!

Automated Presence

Even when you are out for a business trip or a vacation, your blinds continue working as if you are at home. This feature could prevent thieves from sneaking into your home, saving you from considerable losses and damages.

Synchronized Functioning

Every smart device of our smart home is programmed and designed to function in perfect harmony with each other. The same thing goes for your smart blinds that are in synchrony with lighting audio, security, and your other smart system.

Rise and Shine

Literally wake up to the rays of the sun as your blinds rise when it is already time to start your day

Energy Efficiency

Smart blinds help regulate your room temperature even with minimal intervention from your temperature control system. This is an energy-efficient feature of our smart home system, which supports not just your wallet, but also the environment.

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