The New Norm for Security and Privacy

Our new normal requires an upgraded form of security and surveillance. Exceed everyone's expectations with Cube Automation's high-tech alarm and CCTV products. Enjoy security features that are well-suited with the new ways we live and interact.


In case of emergency, Cube Automation wants you to be notified and alerted the soonest time possible. With our different types of alarm systems, we want to save lives and properties as much as you do.

Door and Window Sensor Alarm

Trying to keep burglars away? Use door and window alarms to monitor the movement in and out of your house.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

With your appliances emitting an odorless, dangerous gas, this carbo monoxide alarm can keep you safe from unwarranted carbon monoxide poisoning.

Smoke Alarm

Install smoke alarms in your home and business premises for early detection and response to fire. Our smoke alarm products can be connected to each other so that a coordinated warning is given even if the smoke is detected in one area only. You cannot only save lives; you can also save money and protect your property.

Home Alarm

We can have all these alarms installed and integrated into our automation solutions. Conveniently monitor and manage your premises even when you are away from home.


You Think, and We Make It Happen

At Cube Automation, we offer different types of security cameras to suit your personal home and business requirement. Eliminate your security concerns by having our CCTV products installed in your building.

High-Definition Camera

Our HD cameras are well-suited for businesses with higher security risks. Capture a good image of anyone entering and exiting your building, giving you good footage in case you'd need it in court.

Dark Fighter Technology Camera

Designed with CMOS progressive scan sensors, these security cameras can pick up high-quality, colored images even in darker areas of your premises. They come with line crossing, and audio and face detection feature, and can serve several functions for your home and business needs.


Best suited for parking, hotel, restaurant, and similar commercial buildings, installing ANPR/LPR cameras is an efficient solution to read and store information on registration plates. Talk about keeping banned vehicles from your premises.

Internal/External Dome Camera

Experience uncompromised security by installing these dome cameras inside and outside your building. With its shape and IR night vision, this security camera is perfect for creating uncertainty among burglars, keeping them away from your home or business premises.

Thermal Image Cameras

This pandemic, the best way to keep your business running without compromising health, is by observing safety and security features for your employees and customers. These cameras can detect thermal radiation even from 250-300 meters away. Identify people who have a higher temperature than normal, and immediately isolate them from the crowd!

Bullet Camera

Built for outdoor use, bullet camera's shape and design are perfect for long-distance viewing. Bullet cameras give high-quality image resolution and have IR night vision to keep your place secured even at night.

C-Mount Camera

If you prefer to upgrade your surveillance camera every once in a while, the C-Mount type camera is your perfect choice. Their lenses are detachable and replaceable, allowing you to enjoy the latest lenses that technology has to offer. Covering 40 feet of distance, these cameras can surely attend to your multitude of security requirements.

Day/Night Camera

In case you have areas where IR-enabled devices cannot function optimally, these day/night cameras got the solution for you. With their extra sensitive imaging chips, they can record colored and black and white images under normal or poor lighting conditions.

PTZ Pan Tilt and Zoom Camera

To monitor suspicious activities in your commercial building, you can take advantage of these cameras, which allows movement of the camera sideways and up and down. With its 200 meters IR night vision and x36 optical zoom, you can definitely have high-quality image resolution for security purposes.

Discreet CCTV

To protect your home or business for potential theft, install discreet CCTV, which is just discreet. Be it mounted or popped, these cameras can be disguised in objects to capture robbery or other criminal activities.

Varifocal Camera

If you have these "dead zones" in your building, our varifocal cameras can help you do the security job for you. Enjoy zooming in and out without losing your camera's focus, ensuring good quality images and footage just for you.

Network Camera

Maximize the power of technology with our network cameras, which sends images to the Internet. Secure and monitor your homes or commercial buildings even if you are away by having us installed these network cameras for you.

Be in Control

Cube Automation can be your perfect partner in meeting all your security needs. With our meticulously designed products, you can have a complete security system package that perfectly attends to all your safety concerns. Just pick the camera that has the best lense, the best sensor, and the best output resolution for your specific home and commercial requirements. Our team of experts and professionals can also guide you along the way and have your chosen product designed and installed into your residential or commercial buildings.

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