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At Cube Automation, we take your privacy seriously. We acknowledge that, as our online visitor, it is our responsibility to protect any information that you provide us. The information that we collect from you is used to provide you with the best products and services. We respect the confidentiality of your information, and we ensure that we adhere to the Australian Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy explains who we are, what information we collect, and how we collect, share, and utilize your personal information. You can always exercise your rights to privacy. We collect personal information once we engage with potential customers, suppliers, or business partners.

You can change your personal information at any time by sending an email to us. All of the collected data is protected and is secured from unauthorized use. Nevertheless, we do not collect and save credit card information.

What Do We Do?

Cube Automation is a company dedicated to providing the latest and most advanced Smart Home Automation systems and packages that will surely suit your family's lifestyle. For additional information, you can visit the About Us page on the Website.

Collection of Information

Depending on your purpose in visiting the Website, we may collect information that will be used to improve the services that we give you. There are three categories on which received information falls into-information that you provide us voluntarily, information that we collect voluntarily, and information from third-party sources.

Voluntary Information

You voluntarily send us your information by subscribing to the email newsletter, by attending our events, by contacting us through the Website. We receive and keep job applicant information that will aid in our hiring process. If you signed up or subscribed to our Website, we may send updates, newsletters, promotional and marketing materials, and updates to the contact information that you provided. You can withdraw your subscription by sending us an email or by sending a request through the Website.

Customers, suppliers, and business partners also submit personal and organizational details that are relevant to the potential or existing relationship with Cube Automation. Financial information and contracts are also collected to guarantee financial and legal obligations. Personal and company information are used for official business transactions only. We may send details to third party suppliers for lawful purposes, to protect Cube Automation's legal rights.

All information that is collected through the Website will be treated with confidentiality. We will not share nor disclose your personal or organizational data to any third-party service provider, unless for the purpose of providing you with our services and products. Any disclosed information will also be subject to the privacy standards set by this Privacy Policy. Third-party providers will be asked for an agreement to this policy before sharing any information. Contact us for specific Privacy Laws that govern our service providers.

For submitted or collected non-personal information and materials that are sent to our Website without the pledge of confidentiality, we claim the rights to keep, use, or disclose them upon our discretion. We may reproduce or adapt concepts and ideas for any purpose, including the improvement of our products and services.

Cookies and Third Parties

Cookies are small data sent by websites to your computer to save your browsing activities and preference. These small files contain information on your web browsing behaviors. By accessing cookies, our Website provides experience and advertisements that are tailored to your personal preferences. We also analyze the data to improve our services.

Cookies do not collect personal information from your computer. You can reject cookies by changing the settings of your browser.

To provide you with the best services and products, we may also gather information from third-party sources. These sources include websites or companies that can provide relevant information to your relationship with Cube Automation, such as financial institutions or engineering and construction businesses and firms. We will only collect information from third party sources if they are relevant to the service or product that we will be providing you and if you have granted the source with authority to share your information.

Information Disclosure

For legal purposes, we may disclose some of your personal information. Upon request, we may submit your data as a legal requirement for regulations of the law, for a warrant, subpoena, and legal proceeding. We may also need to disclose your information to protect our company and our stakeholde's rights, property, and safety.

Your Personal Data will also be disclosed in cases of merging or change of ownership of the business. The disclosure will be subjected to confidentiality and will not be done to violate any of your rights to privacy.

We will not sell nor divulge your information to third-party sources, unless for the purposes stated herein. We will only share your information if deemed necessary in providing our services and products. We may use your information for marketing strategies and statistics to improve our products, services, and Website, but without reference to your name.

Links to Other Websites

Our Website has links that may redirect you to other websites that do not belong to Cube Automation. The Privacy Policy of the linked websites are not connected to ours, and we are not liable for their unlawful use of your information. You are encouraged to read their own Privacy Policy upon visiting their website.

Privacy Protection

Cube Automation is committed in keeping the personal information of our customers, suppliers, and business partners from unauthorized and unlawful use. We are dedicated to the security, privacy, and confidentiality of your data submitted through our Website. At Cube Automation, we adopt technologies and security measures that will work best for your privacy protection.

Updates in Privacy Policy

To adhere to the latest privacy measures, legal policies, and business developments, we may occasionally update our Privacy Policy depending on our discretion. Any changes will be effective upon posting the updated Privacy Policy on our Website. You are advised to regularly review our policy to be aware of any modifications applied. Nevertheless, Cube Automation ensures that we comply with the Privacy Laws, and none of your rights will be violated.

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If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy, you can reach out to us through .We try to be as responsive as possible, but please understand if there are any delays in our responses.

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