Open Endless Entertainment Possibilities with Smart Audio System

Cube Automation can bring your audio experience to the next level. On top of automated music and theater, you can also use your audio system for other home functions. You can set background music for your everyday chores. You can personalize the sounds of your doorbell and other notifications and alerts.

The possibilities of a multiroom audio system are endless. It allows you to transfer songs across rooms as you move from one place to another. You can even play different songs for every room without the need for separate sound systems!

Audio Like You Never Knew Before

Cube Automation's multiroom audio system functions way more than your typical speakers that simply plays music and sounds.

Integrated Multiroom Audio

First in its class, we offer a fully integrated multiroom audio system. With its advanced features, it allows homeowners to play single music throughout the house or to play different music for every room. Can an automated multiroom audio system be any better?

Customize Your Doorbell

Choose the sound for your doorbell. This sound will play in every room of the house to inform you of your visitor. For nursery rooms where babies sleep, your smart home will replace the audio with flashing lights for your child's peaceful nap time.

Warnings and Alarm

In times of emergency, a blasting alarm will be set off. With the multiroom audio system, this alarm will be heard in the entire house, giving you and your family ample time to handle the situation.

Text-to-Speech Reminders

Identify any reminder that you want your speakers to announce. Define the reminder as text, and then let your smart audio system do the job of reminding you at the proper time.

Waking Up Music

If sun rays from your open blinds cannot inspire you to get up, then perhaps a morning background music will do. Decide how you want to start your day, and let the perfect music set the perfect mood for it.

Welcome Music

Want to feel extra special? Then walk into every room and listen to each welcome greeting and music just for you. You can have the same setting for all the rooms or set individual welcome music and greeting for each and every room.

Apple AirPlay

With an Apple device at your hand, stream or play any music directly to your smart multiroom audio system. Play your music wherever you move.

Sounds Off

Using the Touch Switch conveniently turns off the music inside your room or your entire home. Tap twice, and the music in your room will go out. Tap thrice if you wish to turn all the music in your smart home.

Integrated System

Add more entertainment devices to your smart audio system. This will give you a complete entertainment experience within the corners of your home.

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