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Thoroughly read the Terms and Conditions before using the CubeAutomation.com.au website operated by Cube Automation Pty Ltd.

Welcome to our website. By accessing and using our website, you agree to accept and comply with the Terms and Conditions stated herein. In terms and conditions, we refer to Cube Automation as "us," "we," and "our." We refer to the visitors, clients, customers, and any other users of the website as "you" and "your."


We reserve the right to change, add, remove, modify, and replace any of the terms any time, at our sole discretion. We will try to highlight any changes that have significant implications for your browsing experience or to your relationship with Cube Automation. You are encouraged to regularly visit the terms before using the website to ensure your awareness of any changes. The continued use of the site will be treated as an agreement and acceptance of the terms.


By using the website, you agree and accept Cube Automation's non-liability and non-responsibility to any loss or damage that you might experience by using the site. Problems that arise from errors, incomplete or lack of information, links, advertisements, comments, and third-party content will not be our responsibility at any cost. The use of any material or information found on our website is upon your own judgment. It should be taken at your own risk.

You bear the responsibility of checking the accuracy and credibility of the services, products, and information that you found on our website. You may refuse to use, accepting, purchase, and believing them based on your personal standards and judgment. We do not carry any legal liability and responsibility for any inaccuracy and errors encountered.


Purchases of products and services should be made by individuals who are at least 18-year-old. Following the Australian Consumer Law, Cube Automation bears liability for violated terms concerning the supply and delivery of goods and services, replacement of products and services, and payment of the incurred cost for replacement of the service and good.

Cube Automation will comply with all the rules and regulations under the Australian Consumer Law.


Our website contains advertisements and links to other sites to provide you with additional information conveniently. Our website may also contain advertisements and information from third-party sources. Their inclusion in our website does not necessarily mean that we are sponsoring, endorsing, or approving their websites, products, services, information, and content. Cube Automation offers recommendations in which acceptance, reliance, and purchase are subject to your judgment. Cube Automation bears no responsibility for any unfavorable outcome of accepting and using any of our recommendations.


At Cube Automation, we take your privacy seriously. We are dedicated to protecting your personal information from unauthorized access. We will not disclose your information to third parties. With your consent, we may, however, use some of your information to improve our products and services.

Please visit the Privacy Policy page for complete information on how we deal with your privacy.


Cube Automation reserves the right to deny access to our website at our discretion. As such, Cube Automation prohibits competitors from using and accessing any information, services products contained on this website. Competitors are any individual or corporate entity that distributes the same products and services like ours in exchange for fees.

Non-compliance in this term will hold competitors accountable for any losses that we incurred and profits that you gained through the illegal and improper use of our website contents.


Our website contains materials that are legally owned and licensed under the name of Cube Automation Pty. Ltd. With the protection granted by the law, you are not permitted to publish, reproduce, and distribute information, documents, and materials for commercial use or distribution to third parties.

To the full extent, Cube Automation allows downloading and printing of our information, documents, and materials for personal and non-commercial uses only. Commercial use of our website content is allowed if and only if Cube Automation provides written permission.


The terms and conditions contained herein signify a mutual agreement on how you can access and use the information, documents, products, and services found on our website. No other term should be added to the agreement unless imposed by applicable laws.


Any part of these terms and conditions that are deemed illegal and invalid in other States shall be considered void and be excluded in the agreement between you and Cube Automation.


This agreement and this website are subject and compliant to the laws of Australia. Any legal issue that may arise between you and Cube Automation should be legally dealt with under the jurisdiction of the State.

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