Light Up Your Mood

Personalized smart home lighting made easy. With our wide array of lighting products and professional services, creatively combine light sources to create the lighting mood that perfectly suits your taste. Individually adjust light intensity and positioning to achieve the ambiance for any occasion, be it a simple dinner or an all-out party.

Our Smart Lighting Control is Nothing But Smart

Forget about the switches. Cube Automation�s smart lighting system offers functionality and control that exceed your expectations. Our intelligent lighting system allows a fully integrated lighting experience, with all your lighting accessories working in perfect unison. With us, you can enjoy the following smart features:


Dimly lit spaces give a dramatic ambiance that you provide you with a comforting and soothing mood. Enjoy a comfortable rest, while at the same time reducing your energy consumption.

Smooth Transition

Shift from one lighting mood to another without you noticing it. Our lighting system is designed to fade and transition gently. It avoids unideal effects on the atmosphere in the room and to your eyes also. No matter what intensity or color, this smooth transition feature comes with all our lighting accessories.

Flashing Alerts

Your lights function more than just simple lights. In times of emergencies or burglary, your ceiling light will shift into flashing lights coupled with an alarm tone. This flashing alert can also be enabled when visitors are at your doorstep.

Automated Presence

Whenever you are out of town, your smart home lighting system will remain lighting on and off your home as if you are present. This feature discourages thieves from breaking in, protecting your home from burglary.

Child Friendly

For households with children playing around, parents can simply lock the lighting buttons to prevent unwanted changes from happening. Additional parental control and management can be accessed through the smart home application.

Energy Efficiency

The smart lighting system automatically turns off whenever there are no people around. Additionally, lights can easily be turned off with double or triple taps, reducing your consumption through these energy-efficient features.

Supports Your Body Clock

The smart lighting transition mimics sunlight from outside, training your body and mind to develop a healthy and natural circadian rhythm.

Guide Your Path

- If you happen to wake up at night, the motion sensor will light up your path with the perfect lighting. It would give you lights that are illuminated enough to lighten the track, but soft enough not to hurt your eye or wake other people up.

Optimum Intensity

Your smart lighting system automatically adjusts depending on the time of the day and the brightness outside. The system works to optimally achieve your desired intensity level.

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