Convenience. Luxury. Safety. As technology develops, the possibilities around us become endlessly better. Upgrade your lifestyle by making your home automated like never before.

The increasing availability of technologies and gadgets allows us to provide you with sustainable and flexible solutions to make your life easier and convenient. Cut out the worries and inflexibility. Make your home a true sanctuary.

Our company is dedicated to building the future of Smart Homes. We provide the latest and most advanced Smart Home Automation systems and packages that will surely suit your family's lifestyle. Your family deserves only the best, and with us, you can choose the best Smart Home Solutions that you can ever have.


At Cube Automation, we provide nothing but the best. We stand out from the rest because we offer products and services on a scalable option right from the start of the construction time. This gives you the flexibility for upgrade, expansion, and renovation in the future. With us, you can meet every household requirement and take full control over your Smart Home.

We carefully deal with each client, making sure that the agreed specifications are thoroughly met. From consultations to in-home training to maintenance, our team provides professional support and assistance to carefully discuss, design, plan, and execute your automation ideas. To us, nothing is more important than giving you a Smart Home that will serve you not just at present, but also for the coming years.

Our services also apply to commercial buildings. Upgrade the establishment's security and management through our wide range of automation solutions.



Cube Automation takes pride in its reliable and world-class Smart Home Automation services and products. With our wide array of networks, we provide Smart Home systems that handle everyday household tasks like no other. We value your time as much as you do, and we want you to enjoy as much of it with less worries.

Our products are designed to give you a fully automated experience inside your residential or commercial building. Our Smart Home system handles lighting, heating, security, multimedia, shading, energy management, and more depending on your needs. Our team carefully plan and install smart wirings and network to ensure that everything works intelligently and in perfect harmony. With our products and services, you'd recognize how smart and automated a lifestyle can be. Experience comfort, convenience, and flexibility all at once.


Cube Automation Pty. Ltd. is composed of a team of individuals who are dedicated to building the future through smart solutions. We carefully choose products and packages that does not only suit the needs of the clients but are also proven to be sustainable and eco-friendly. We are committed to providing nothing but the best services through our team of well-trained professionals. At Cube Automation, we value every client, their homes and businesses, and the environment as a whole. Together, let us make the future happen.

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