Upgrading Your Building Together

Your building deserves better. Upgrade your building's functionality and security with the endless possibilities that we offer.

MDUs and Apartments

Save considerable costs by installing our energy-saving products in your MDUs and apartments. Coupled with the convenience and style, welcome more occupants with fewer worries in mind.


Offer exceptional experience to your guests with Cube Automation's carefully designed technology. You can conveniently manage your services without compromising the comfort and the quality being offered to your guests.

Business Offices

Give your employees their well-deserved comfort through our commercial automation solutions. Provide optimum lighting, air quality, and temperature to boost their focus and productivity.

Custom Application

At Cube Automation, we define the limits. Decide on the functionality that you want to offer, and let our expert team makes this function a reality. We can be your partner for whatever building you want to automate.


Access Made Easy

With its sleek design, NFC Code Touch allows remote access control for your door, gate, garage, and alarm. It enables you to unlock the garage, gates, and front doors by simply using codes and NFC tags. The NFC Code Touch also allows setting off an alarm in case of burglary.

NFC Key Fob takes security to another level. Made from durable and high-quality plastic, it is the most secure way of accessing your automated building. Delete and create as needed, quickly, and conveniently.

Wide Range of Products

Cube Automation offers carefully designed products that perfectly suit your smart home, business automation, or any other custom application requirements.

  • 1. Smoke Detector Air
  • 2. Miniserver
  • 3. Miniserver Go
  • 4. Touch Pure
  • 5. Touch
  • 6. Smart Application
  • 7. NFC Code Touch
  • 8. NFC Key Fob

Personalized Access

Set a key person to manage all users who have access to your automation system. Personalize individual access and permissions depending on the administrative functions, making your organizational functions as efficiently as possible.

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