Unique smart solutions for your unique requirements

Your success depends on small details that make you stand out from the rest. With our powerful software solutions and simple programming tools, we can quickly configure specific smart solutions without compromise.

We Make Things Happen

In case you are wondering, here are some custom applications that we have made possible:

  • Automated rain-based irrigation system for a football field
  • Car wash alarm and monitoring
  • HVAC monitoring and control for a butcher shop
  • Automated dispenser locking system in a gasoline station
  • Smart parking system
  • Server monitoring with a follow-up phone call during downtime

Automated and Integrated Smart Services

At Cube Automation, our goal is to provide you with a complete smart solution that can automate every process in your building. Our freely configurable interfaces and the programmable system can help you make your building function as a single automated unit.

  • Temperature Control
  • HVAC monitoring and recording
  • Warehouse lighting control

Guaranteed Flexibility for Your Future Goals

At the heart of our smart, automated solutions are Miniservers which enables every functionality in your building. As the size of your building increases, the number of Miniservers also does, ensuring every component is working smoothly and perfectly.

Our Miniserver technology allows scalability without affecting the existing system in your building. You can carry out expansion by simply adding new Miniservers without uninstalling the old ones. You can also do maintenance activities to the building's individual automated system while keeping other processes going.

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