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Did you know that you simply can answer your front entrance by simply using your smartphone? the proper intercom system will work with a number of the newest technology to feature value to your home or business with an easy installation.

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Our wide-range of intercom products allows us to enjoy security, flexibility, and style at the same time. All of our products are infused with innovative designs, making it superbly suitable from single homes to more complex multi-story buildings.

Solutions for new buildings and renovation sites

  • Intercom systems
  • Door phones
  • Code-based keypads
  • Video door phones
  • Gate phone systems

The modern systems are often easily connected with other systems, like security camera and access control systems. Cube Automation can provide all the required services: installations, system engineering, deployment and training.

Intercom Systems for Apartment Buildings

Enhance your Apartment building’s security and improve communications with our top of the road residential intercom systems from the world’s most trusted brands, including ABB, Aiphone, Siedle etc.

From screening visitors before granting entry, to denying access to suspicious or unauthorized guests, to monitoring visitor traffic in and out of the power, intercom systems for apartment buildings play an integral role in both basic security functions and communication.

Contact us to find out more about our state-of-the-art residential intercom systems bound to meet your building’s security requirements and budget.


Whether you've got an outsized company or a smaller office space, you'll benefit greatly from the proper intercom system installation.

Truly, there are even tons of companies that are now looking to the installation of an intercom system to help them communicate more conveniently with others within the building.

No matter what your needs could also be or if you've got a residential or commercial space, you'll find that working with knowledgeable for intercom systems are going to be the simplest thanks to go.

All of the highest intercom products are available through the professionals to feature a fantastic amount useful to your space.

If you’ve already got an intercom system in your business which will be a touch out of date, working with the experts additionally will offer you all that you simply got to perform an upgrade.

With an easy evaluation of your business and your found out , you'll decide whether it'll be best to upgrade what you've got or if it'll be more efficient and price effect to put in a totally new system.

Depending on your needs, you'll put together intercom systems for your office which will be ease to your day to day function and interactions.

Before you recognize it, you'll be communicating with ease and using all of the up to date technology that's available within the world of intercoms.

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When it comes to intercom security solutions, we offer:

  • Professional Intercom Systems Installation
  • Expert Advice
  • Over a Decade of Experience
  • Free On Site Estimates

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