The Cube Automation Process starts with our valued clients. Before we start working together, it is best that you have conceptualized on the reasons for adapting automation for your home or business establishment. Your goals should be clear, so that our team can give you the best solution to address your personal needs and preferences. Consider long-term goals to maximize the benefit of your Automation System.




Once you've made up your mind, the next step is to have a consultation with our professional team. Depending on your goals and preferences, our team will suggest the best solutions to take. The advantages, disadvantages, and implications will be thoroughly discussed to help clients make the best decision. We partner with world-class Smart Home Automations system providers to ensure the performance and the reliability of our products. We take pride in the scalability of our products and flexibility of our services which home and business owners can definitely take advantage of.

After the consultation, clients can go through conceptualization once again until the system and design are finalized.





Using the finalized design, the professional team will start planning the installation of the Automated System. Your location and house and building design will be considered in the planning.



Making it a reality

Once the plan is settled, it is time to make your Smart Home or Business a reality. Our professional team will proceed with the installation of the system. All the mechanical, electrical, and electronic system are integrated and well-taken care of to achieve optimum performance. The installed Smart Automation System can be managed through a central control point, providing the utmost convenience and comfort to families, employees, and executives.

Our duty extends to the environment as well. As a company, Cube Automation ensures that all products, services, and activities are safe and suitable for the clients, the team, and the environment.



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