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Our Smart Home system is designed to give a fully-automated experience that saves you your precious time and energy. Our smart products are intelligently wired and installed to interact and adjust to suit your specific needs. Their functions are well-coordinated without relying on a wireless or cloud-based connection. You can even control the settings anytime by accessing the system through your smart devices.


Enjoy unlimited lighting moods and experiences with the best smart lighting control. Set lighting devices to work individually or in unity, depending on your preferences.


Blind Control

Experience a superbly intelligent shading control for your home. Depending on your choice, we can set your blinds to adjust based on the time of the day or based on the sunlight from outside.


Room Climate

Enjoy a good night's sleep as your smart home system automatically adjust your room's temperature, humidity, and air quality to your preferred level. The intelligent interaction between sensors, solar panels, and shading devices makes your room climate perfectly reliable at all times.


Multiroom Audio

How about waking up to background music of your choice? Perform your everyday activities with music, podcasts, and movies of your taste. All you need are smart speakers, home theater, or sound system.


Energy Managment

At Cube Automation, we value the environment as much as we value our clients. Our products and services are designed to be energy efficient, saving you unnecessary costs without any extra effort! And they are environmental-friendly at the same time!



Cube Automation provides all-around security protection for your family and your building. From surveillance cameras, video doorbells, alarms, and more, you'd need not worry about potential burglary and emergencies.



We take pride in working with Cube Automation’s experienced team of specialists in delivering excellent smart home products and services. Our commitment lies in building the future through smart solutions.

Control from Anywhere

Control all your WiFI smart devices with our application from anywhere in the world.

Plug and Play

No need for complicated & expensive installation or hubs. Our products offer an easy to install, plug and play solution for smart homes.

Peace of Mind

Our products allow you to monitor your home and protect your loved ones from wherever you are.

Compatible with...

The Smart Home line it's also compatible with leading Alexa and Google Home.


A smart home connects appliances and other electronic devices into the Internet and local servers to allow remote access and full home automation. A smart home allows homeowners to monitor, manage, control, or automate lights, thermostats, security cameras and alarms, audio, video, and other home devices regardless if they are inside or outside their homes. With a smart home, homeowners save time and energy while enjoying convenience, security, and comfort.
A smart home integrates every system in the household, ensuring long-term energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Through automation, it takes over everyday household tasks and saves the homeowner from doing 50,000 tasks every year. Its automated and remote access to security always ensures peace of mind by keeping the house monitored and secured. Investing in a smart home can save you from unnecessary energy consumption, uncontrolled energy costs, avoidable household tasks, and irrelevant security concerns.
A smart home controls a wide range of devices. These devices can be categorized into lighting, shading, room climate, entertainment, and security systems. The common smart home devices include LED bulbs and lighting fixtures, air conditioning units, blinds, speakers, smart TVs, doorbells, security cameras, alarms, and video outdoor stations. However, it must be noted that not all smart home devices are compatible with each other. Cube Automation can help choose the best devices that can work for you.
People might be wondering how smart home devices can save them money when the system and the devices themselves are expensive. It sounds ironic but smart home definitely saves you a huge amount of money in the long run. Every device in a smart home communicates and coordinates with each other to achieve optimum performance while saving energy. For example, to heat up a room, a smart home would raise its blinds to rely on the natural heat of the sun instead of using the house’s HVAC system. Motion detectors also automatically shut off appliances when not needed or if no one is around. A smart home automation system ensures that resources such as electricity and water are always used effectively.
Home automation systems work by sending commands to devices and waiting for them to act on such commands. With the basic system, responses from the devices are not monitored. A complex home automation system is more reliable because it functions by sending commands, waiting for responses, and executing various actions if the desired response is not obtained. As you may expect, a complex home automation system costs more than the basic ones, but they are severalfold more reliable.
Home automation used to be a luxury, but at present, it is becoming more and more common among regular households. The cost of smart home automation varies depending on the goals of the homeowners. You can experience home automation for as low as $5,000 on a scalable option. For a more accurate estimate, you can request a quotation from Cube Automation.
No. Every household has different needs, so we offer fully scalable options. You can start small during construction and extend your system later, saving you from some limitation at later stage. You can plan for your long-term goals without spending over your budget.
Cube offers scalable automation solutions for residential, commercial, and other custom applications. Our smart home system features full automation to ensure convenience. We partner with manufacturers and providers of world-class smart home devices to ensure the reliability and quality of our services.
Installation of a smart home system happens during construction, renovation, or extension of an existing building. Installation typically lasts from one to three weeks. This duration may vary depending on the actual needs of the customers. Our services also extend after the installation. We provide assistance whenever the customers have questions or enquiries regarding their smart home system.
There is no other initial requirement aside from the house or building that is to be automated. However, home and business owners must decide on what features they want to have. They will also be choosing their smart devices with the assistance of our expert team.
For a fully automated experience, Cube’s smart homes use smart wirings to connect smart devices to the local servers. These servers ensure that systems functionality even without Internet or external commands. Unlike the traditional wirings at home, smart wires are flexible. You can easily add or extend cables whenever needed. Smart wires are also held in a single enclosure, making your space look neater.
Hardwires already ensures reliable communication and integration between devices. Aside from the functionality, we also ensure that our home automation system would not interfere with the aesthetics of your home. If in any case there would be a need to drill small holes in the walls or ceilings, you will be informed beforehand. If you really opt not to punch holes, we can use wireless devices instead, but sometime we have to compromise on the feactures.

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