Uncompromised Security for Your Smart Home and Business

Your family and employees deserve uncompromised security. Keep your security on guard even when the people are asleep or away using Cube Automation's smart security system. In case any emergency or burglary happens, your home system will send a series of alerts to notify you and the people around the property of such an incident. Your security system even informs you of water leakage in your home or building.

All-Around Security Functions for Your Safety and Privacy

Cube Automation's security system does not simply keep burglars away. It also functions to protect your safety and privacy at times when they are needed.

Panic Button

Inside your smart home, designate a panic button that you can trigger in times of emergency. By using this button, you can trigger flashing lights, full-volume music, and raising blinds.

Away Mode

If you are leaving the house for a trip or a vacation, simply notify the smart home system through your Touch Switch. This would set the house in defense mode, while at the same time working optimally for energy efficiency.

Parental Control and Limits

To prevent unwanted situations from happening, set parental controls to devices that can potentially harm your building and the people around it. Prevent children and guests from accessing your appliances, especially the ones used for cooking, heating, and lighting.

Preventive Protection

Setting off emergency alarms as early as possible allows early detection and response. This immediate response could save you from potential dangers and damages.

Automated Presence

Your smart home is really intelligent when it comes to its security functions. When you are away, your smart home system operates from time to time, as if you are at home. Your lighting system may randomly turn on and off, and your blinds raising and lowering as the sun rises and sets.

Customize Your Alarm System

You have the freedom to set your alarm system most conveniently. You can choose the specific areas where you want to activate your security alarms at any given time.

False Alarm Protection

To prevent false alarms from happening, a second motion sensor must respond accordingly within a short time. Without this response, the alarm will be turned off. Otherwise, the series of warnings will be triggered.

Remote Surveillance

Using your smartphone or tablet, you can see and monitor your home or building even when you are away. You can also double-check any open windows or doors.

Nighttime Security

At night, you will get a text-to-speech or a smartphone notification when any door or window is left open. This function works for commercial buildings too.

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