A Fully Integrated System That Functions as One

Cube Automation's smart home is an ecosystem of perfectly coordinated systems. Your home's lighting, shading, HVAC, and other systems work altogether to maximize your energy-saving efficiency. You can monitor these activities through your Smart Home Application.

Energy Management Made Easy

At Cube Automation, we want you to have a convenient energy management experience. Our smart home system handles all of the energy-saving activities while you keep track of its activities and statistics.

Temperature Regulation

Whether you're at home or not, your smart home system is working works cost-effectively to save as much energy as it can. For example, the system prioritizes the use of smart blinds to regulate room temperature. This saves a considerable amount of energy due to minimal heating and cooling requirement.

Usage and Monitoring

Conveniently monitor your energy production and your electric consumption through your Smart Home Application. You can view your statistics anytime, anywhere, and decide on ways to further improve your energy efficiency.

Standby Devices

Your smart home system also knows when to turn off standby devices in your household. This is especially useful when you are staying out for the night, or if you are away for vacation and trips.

Tap Control

There is no reason to keep your smart devices on because shutting them down is very easy. To turn off devices inside a room, you simply have to tap twice. If you want to shut off all the devices in your entire home, just tap thrice. That is so easy and simple, right?

Power Supply Management

With a smart home system, you do not need to worry about power overload anymore. Your smart home always monitors your total power load. This prevents overload and consequent problems from ever occurring. You can also prioritize some activities by temporarily shutting off others.

Alerts and Notifications

Energy notifications are sent directly to your devices to remind you of energy inefficiency in your home. This allows you to act on it accordingly through your smartphones or tablet.

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